Five Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

Over the recent past, the use of visual content has become more popular on social media owing to the rising popularity of Instagram. Instagram offers the finest way to express ideas, thoughts, experiences and even products visually. Both big and small businesses are keen on using Instagram to generate more income. If there is a way you can get instagram followers free, then your business will be on the verge of success. There are more than enough benefits that one gets for using Instagram for business. To be discussed here below are the top 5 benefits that you will get for using Instagram for your business.

  1. Increased Engagement

When you are using Instagram, then you can be sure that you increase your engagement with your clients. Instagram beats other social media platforms in earning business audience engagement. As a business, you should strive to get the free Instagram likes as a way of improving your engagement.


  1. Increase Traffic

Using Instagram for business is a fine way of increasing traffic to your website. Even though you cannot add clickable links to all the posts you make on Instagram, you can still get traffic from your audience who will get interest when they view your attractive posts. To effectively increase traffic, you will need to get natural followers than the free Instagram followers.


  1. Reach Target Market

Another great benefit of using Instagram for your business is to reach your target market. If you are targeting the so called ‘millennial’, then this is the right place for you. Majority of these people use Instagram and, thus, you will have a good way of interacting with them. Free Instagram likes from the millennial will boost your quest to advertise your products to this growing generation.


  1. Build Trust and Personality

Instagram can also help you in building trust and create a brand personality for your business. Consumers relate better with what they can see than what they just read. This means that a business using Instagram is likely to build trust than its rivals not using this social media platform.


  1. Free Advertising

One of the greatest benefits of using Instagram for business is in the fact that Instagram offers free advertising for businesses. You can easily post your product and get free Instagram likes which can be easily converted into potential customers.

The above mentioned are the top 5 benefits of using Instagram for your business. To enjoy these benefits, you will need to have many Instagram followers so that you can have a large audience. There are ways of getting free Instagram followers that you can make use of to improve on your Instagram audience base.

Know How to Play Castle Clash

1) Determine Which Troops Should You Use

We suggest you using ranged troops along with few melee tank heroes for raiding the players or dungeons. As upgrading your troops/ buildings can improve your might, pick only two kinds of troops for the upgrade.

Hunters & Pyromancers

They’re ranged & can do plenty of damage if you group them together.

Hunters & Treants

Treants are capable of destroying watchtowers quite easily.

Hunters/ Pyromancers & Guardians

We do not suggest guardians because they’re not as effective as you want them to be. Nevertheless, it’s an effective & cheap combo in order to attack.

After figuring out all your troop combo, just upgrade those which you require. Remember that if you upgrade unnecessary buildings/ troops then this might affect your power.

2) Training & Using the Heroes

Heroes are one of the most crucial part of your attacking team. They’re quite useful during the battle. You are able to begin with a melee tank, which is your elite hero Executioner. You must train them towards the level 20 prior to upgrading to the 40th level. Upgrading it costs you honor badges, dungeon points and also gold. Every single hero comes with a special talent. You could improve their power by sacrificing your other heroes or Slimes. After you reach level 3, you receive additional might. Try to get a few legendary heroes (easily possible with the Castle Clash hack tool). One good option is Spirit Mage.

It is suggested that you train a single hero at a time in order to level up at a faster rate. Bring Pyromancers & Hunter’s in order to protect your hero.

3) Try to Do Your Day-to-day Tasks for Additional Gems Whenever Possible

Completing your regular tasks can give you 30 gems each day easily. Sing in offers 5, fighting within the arena ten times offers another 5. We suggest you to download the free castle clash cheats to receive unlimited gems, health, power, etc.

4) Never Fight out of the Arena

Fighting out of your arena can affect how many hero badges you receive. You can earn as much as 6 honor badges if you lose & 40 if you win. You will be able to use hero badges in order to get heroes as well.

5) Instant Replay

You must check out instant replay whenever your competitors attack your base. This will allow you to strengthen your arena by knowing at the areas where others tend to position their powerful troops.

6) Watchtowers

After you have leveled up your watch tower to the tenth level, you will be able to place your heroes there for defending the area after creating the garrison. The method is very useful if you wish to strengthen your defenses & make it difficult for the raiders to attack your base area.

About Castle Clash Hack

If you wish to make a faster progress, then you must definitely try out Castle Clash Hack which allows you to gain all the resources without needing to waste your real while playing the game.

Top Tips For Clash of Clans

Now obviously the best way to enjoy the fantastic Clash of Clans game is to use a Clash of Clans Hack. This is because the hack will allow you to boost the amount of resources that you have without causing you to drown under mounds of credit card debt (more common than you may think!). On this page I want to share with you a couple of tips to make your game better in lieu of the hack though:

  • Save all gems that you earn! Do not blow it on mindless junk. Give yourself a clear target with the gems and do not spend anything until you reach that target. If you are going to be making major purchases in the game then you need all of the gems that you can muster up.
  • Offense! Do not focus too much on developing your defense systems in this game. The best way in which you can win any battle against another clan will be to go out all offensive. In fact; some of the best clash of clan’s players actually recommends leaving some of your cheaper buildings defenceless.
  • Get some friends to raid with! You have to realize that Clash of Clans has been built around multiplayer play. They want you invading other clans with your friends. The spoils are much greater and you are going to have a lot more fun too. Do not do what most people do and neglect this fun aspect of the game. You will regret it, trust me!
  • Learn how your land is set-up. You want to ensure that all of your resources in the local vicinity are 100% protected by walls. You do not want to leave a single space for somebody to sneak through your defences and nab those resources. You want things to be as difficult as possible for the people that start to invade you. Your goal is to hold them off for as long as possible. Walls will obviously help with this…a lot!
  • Put your defensive mechanisms at the center of your base. They are going to provide a LOT more protection and it is less likely that they will be destroyed there. Do make sure you surround them with as many walls as possible. I do suggest that you have a look at a few of the top Clash of Clan’s players out there and get a feel for how they set up their bases. This type of information is going to help you out a lot.

Remember; this is just an introductory page to Clash of Clans tips. If you want to maximize your resources then try to get hold of a decent Clash of Clans Hack. It will help you out A LOT. However you have to be aware that it does not matter how many resources you have, if you do not have the technique and strategy to beat people off then you are going to fail in this game…hard.